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Adrienne Clarkson French School

MacLeod's Landing Public School

Roméo Dallaire French School

2017 Registration

- We are open for the registration of summer camp. Check out our fun 2017 Summer Camp Programs.

- This year we have many new teachers joining us who will provide our campers with new fun activities in music, dance, drama, chess, sports and science. Our camp activities will be led by the certified teachers this year at every camp site, plus we have arranged some new trips. There will be more music classes in each group, and we will organize a musical show every two weeks.

- Our camp site at Bayview Secondary School is air-conditioned.


Volunteer Program

- For those who wants to volunteer in our summer camp, please check out our volunteer program in Career section.


  • Bringing Math Content to Life Math skills are central to students' success, both in school and in the world beyond the classroom. How can After-School programs bring math to life? How to develop math skills in key area?

  • Helping Your Children with Chess We have brought chess to the schools because we
    believe it directly contributes to academic performance. Chess makes kids smarter. It does so by teaching the following skills ...

  • Arts Can Enhance After-School Programs Arts programs can increase academic achievement,
    help decrease youth involvement in delinquent behavior and improve youth attitudes about themselves and the future.

  • Chess Improves Academic Performance Chess has long been recognized throughout the world as a builder of strong intellects. Chess brings out latent abilities that have not been reached by traditional educational means.

  • Benefits of Chess for Children Chess has long been considered a way for children to increase their mental prowess, concentration, memory, and analytical skills.